Scanimate Tour: Colorizer

The Scanimate had a number of unfortunate shorcomings, one of which was that it could only deal with monochrome images on its CRT. At Image West, we did some experimental color-seperation work, but it was difficult to get the Scanimate to behave exactly the same for three passes. So, generally, the job of making the elements appear in color was accomplished by the colorizer panel, shown in the center here. Basically, monochrome video was sliced at several levels, and colors were assigned to the slices. The black sliders set the slice levels, and the RGB sliders set the RGB color for each slice. Scanimate's colorizer had a really nice linear turn-on/turn-off for each layer so that you didn't get the usual "frying" of the edges of a color band. The panel below the colorizer is a standard video switcher, mostly used as a preview device to super a grid or safe title mask over the Scanimate's output.
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