Scanimate Alumni

These people have at one time or another had a close encounter of the Scanimate kind. Some of them will run screaming from the room if you even mention its name, or any of the various companies that owned, operated, and pimped for Scanimate. It is even likely that there will be many now rich and famous personalities who would never admit to having ever had anything to do with a Scanimate. That's what makes this fun...

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Scanimate-Related Companies:

  • Computer Image, Denver USA
  • Dolphin Productions, NYC USA
  • Image West, Ltd. L.A. USA
  • Image East, Pty. Ltd. Sydney, Australia
  • RTL, Luxembourg
  • Imagica, Tokyo, Japan
  • Telerey, Mexico City, Mexico

  • Scanimate Alumni: the Pics!

    I have made an attempt to find images of these people taken back in the dark ages. I'm sure there are many people I've left out, and many images that ought to be here that aren't. If this initially seems weighted towards ex-Image West people, its only because that's what I had images for, all are welcome...
    Cliff Brown
    Working for Oil Company in Germany.
    Tom Dosh
    Jim Howe
    Now at Pacific Ocean Post in L.A.
    Peter Koczera
    Now at Howard Anderson Co. in Burbank
    Sonny King
    Now dabbling in paints in Santa Monica.
    Ed Kramer
    Now at ILM in Marin.
    Russ Maehl
    Now hiding somewhere.
    Gary McKinnon
    Now freelancing in LA
    Sam Price
    Somewhere in South America?
    Bob Richey
    Now owns company in Phoenix
    Jim Ryan
    Now at EFilm in Hollywood.
    Dave Sieg
    President of ZFx, Inc. in Kingsport, TN
    Sherry Vosoughi
    R&D Secretery.
    Roy Weinstock
    Now at Henninger Video in D.C.

    Still to be Heard From:
    Ron Shaw             Kirk Paulsen      
    Harold Abbot	        Bill Altemus            Suzanne Alvord
    Clark Anderson       Glenn Baaso             Monte Barry
    Henry Kline          Mike Jackson            Brian Ross
    Beth Blacker         Mickey Booz
    Lee Harrison         Rick Koch               Alex Caltabiano
    Lloyd Bowles         Dave Braun              Cheryl Bredell
    Craig Burnett        Jeff Clark              Richard Clark
    John Wood            Larry Cole              Rich Froman
    David Cline          Steve Cohen             Larry Cole
    Ed Colton            Steve Cosgrove          Doug Craig
    Tony Crawfurd        Susan Crouse-Kemp       Loren DeCoster
    Tom deGonzague       David Dellingr          Sherry Dervey
    Steve Didier         Jim Duca                Cliff Erickson
    Dave Etchells        Gerald Farr             John Fitzgerald
    Cindy Flores         Pete Freyschlag         David Frost
    Bob Galka            Debbie Garrity          Layne Graham
    Jeff Grove           Chris Haney             Pat Hansen
    Bruce Harvey         Dave Harvey             Tom Hays
    Carl Hedberg         Herb Henderson          Angela Hersh
    Glenn Hill           Mark Hintz              Jim Hobbs
    Doug Houston         Domenic Iaia            Peggy Idso
    Joe Jiuliano         James Johnson           Brad Jorgenson
    Rick Koch            Dennis Kolemainen       Jack Labin
    Dick Larson          Chris Laudenthal        Michael Levin
    Howard Lipson        Eric Ludwig             John MacFarland
    Donald Maly          Dave Marriot            Donald McColgan
    J.Kl McInvaille      Margaret McKechnie      Bill Mehaffey
    Jan Mitchell         Wally Moy               Jenny Muller
    Judy Naso            Al Nieto                Shari Noyce
    Chris Ogden          Arnold and Wy Olean     Tracy O'Shaughnessy
    Dave Palmer          Leon Paris              Marsh Parker
    Kirk Paulsen         Frank Pecora            Bill Perez
    George Perry         Jim Pinigis             Ben Power
    Dennis Reinhard      Robert Richardson       Pat Roberto
    Deone Roe            Dean Rolley             Joost Romeau
    Chuck Sade           Joe Santestevan         Mike Sauve
    Charles Schleichter  Chris Sewell            Mark Shepard
    Jay Sherbereth       Jim Sibley              Rob Simons
    Mary Sue Skala       David Small             Nick Smeloff
    Mike Snyder          Peter Sorenson          Mo Sweeny Whitam
    Ed Tjachman          Mike Webster            Sven Weir
    Chanel Williams      Patty Wina              Debbie Wintermute
    Harold Wolfe         John Wood               Clay Wright
    Phil Zimmerman       Pat Kimbley             
    And Many More!
    If you know the whereabouts of any of these people, 
    Please leave your comments in the Scanimate Guest Book!
    nostalgic words, pics, videos, URL's and email addresses if you dare!
    Special Thanks to Roy Weinstock and Dave Holman for help gathering
    what I have on here so far!

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