Scanimate Movies

Here are a few mpegs of the glories of Scanimate. Beware, those with slow net links, some of them are big (bytewise) and take a while to download! All are MPEGs, and your Netscape will require a MPEG viewer.


Given that the companies who produced these images are mostly history, the technicalities of image ownership is somewhat sketchy. I hope that offering this material here will be taken in the spirit of documenting history, not as fodder for some legal maneuverings, which would probably result in their removal. ;(
YouTube Scanimate

A Simple Scanimate Wipe This is the first animation I made on my basement Scanimate. (289K)
Scanimate's Most Famous Scene! The "Death Star" Sequence from Star Wars. (412K)
The Body Human Rich Froman for National Geographic (585K)
Logan's Run Intro Not sure who gets credit... (1.24M)
Sergeant Pepper Ron Hays Music Image (699K)
Scanimate In Action! Video I shot at Image West of Scanimate Circa 1981 (3.4M)

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